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What We Do

At Roberts and Singh we offer comprehensive care for adults with advanced dental needs. Our doctor’s special interests, experience and expertise include all phases of implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, non-surgical periodontal care, laser assisted periodontal care and invisalign orthodontic care. Our services range from routine dental maintenance to the most complex rehabilitative therapies that modern dentistry can achieve and, all of our patients come to expect and enjoy the warm, receptive and relaxed-familiar atmosphere that is the trademark of our practice.

Few dental offices nationwide can match the unique blend of quality service, convenience, individualized care, compassion and personal attention that you will experience at Roberts and Singh.

Here are some of the Features of our Practice.

We believe when taken collectively place us among the most attractive “Patient Centered” office anywhere.

Implant Surgery and Crown Placements

We provide everything needed in order to perform all of the services required within our office. Providing our patients with continuity of care, cost savings, and convenience.

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Invisalign Orthodontics

To help achieve the ultimate in cosmetic improvement and longevity.

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Certified Out-Patient IV Sedation Facility

We provide the most comfortable experience possible for apprehensive patients or those undergoing longer procedures.

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All Phases of Cosmetic Dentistry

Bleaching, bonding, ceramic veneers, and highly esthetic porcelain crowns when the maximum degree of aesthetic improvement is required.

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Microscopically Monitored Gum Disease Treatments

The gold standard for control and maintenance of periodontal diseases and Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy for those wanting advanced periodontal treatment without surgery.

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Hospital Grade 3D Imagery

Performed in house for the safest and most effective dental imaging possible as well as very significant cost savings.

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In House Dental Laboratory

To ensure quality and enhance convenience for patients requiring a crown or bridge.

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Laser Assisted Periodontal Care

In the United States the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has studied the incidence of Periodontal Disease. Scientists there believe up to 80% of our population suffers some level of gum disease.


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Our professional fees are among the fairest in our industry

We do everything we can to make quality dentistry affordable for as many people as we can. We are about quality service first and have been for over 3 decades.

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