Cosmetic Dentistry

“Like anyone else there are days I feel beautiful and days I don’t, when I don’t I do something about it”

Almost everyone would like to have stunningly beautiful white teeth. Our smile is the first thing that others see when they meet us. It, more than any other single thing, helps to create that important first impression.  In recent years the dental profession has given a great deal of time and attention to addressing people's desire for whiter and more attractively shaped teeth.  Today we have a wide array of procedures that by anyone's standards provide incredible solutions for problems associated with the appearance of teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Almost everyone can benefit from this procedure and beautiful results are the rule. Whitening can be done either in-office by the dental hygienist or at-home. Optimal home whitening results can usually be achieved in 1 to 3 weeks. For more resistant coloring a combination of at-home and dentist-applied whitening maybe recommended. In-office whitening is quicker and often yields better results. Whitening solutions are applied after placing a protective coating over the gums. High intensity light can also be used to accelerate the whitening solution. In-office whitening takes about 90 minutes to accomplish and is a comfortable procedure to undergo. Teeth whitening is both safe and highly recommended for individuals whose natural teeth need to be whitened.

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The whitening does not affect crowns, old bonding or tooth colored fillings. So teeth that have been whitened may end up whiter than the fillings or crowns that are in or next to them. Replacement is sometimes required to achieve overall superior results.

Whitening is the ideal treatment for teeth that have normal shape, size and alignment and simply require a whiter color to achieve their best appearance.

Porcelain Veneers

This procedure is done mainly when both a color improvement and a change in shape or contour are needed to obtain the most esthetically pleasing results. Some of the most dramatic changes in facial appearance that are possible have been accomplished with this procedure which involves the permanent bonding of a thin porcelain facing onto the outside surface of the teeth.

Although the teeth do have to be prepared slightly by the dentist the necessary drilling is substantially less than that needed for placement of crowns. In the past people desiring major improvement in both color and shape could only consider porcelain crowns now they have an additional option. Porcelain veneers are fabricated and fitted individually for each tooth by the dentist and a highly skilled porcelain artist. Exquisitely shaped and precisely fitted cosmetic veneers represent an area of dentistry that requires a special level competency on the part of the dentist as well as superior laboratory support.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns have for years been used not only to solve major cosmetic problems but also to strengthen teeth that have been severely worn or weakened by previous placement of large or numerous fillings. This procedure gives the dentist the greatest ability possible to correct poorly shaped teeth and allows for the greatest possible improvement in color as well. In addition porcelain crowns greatly improve the strength of the teeth. For these reasons porcelain crowns are the best choice for cosmetic restoration of most back teeth and front teeth that have been weakened by old fillings and wear.

Porcelain crowns provide the classic “Hollywood Smile” that gives so many entertainers their perfect smile. Correctly fitted and esthetically beautiful porcelain crowns are not always seen as a product in everyday care, a great deal of experience and training on the part of the dentist and excellent cooperation with skilled laboratory technicians are necessary for optimum results. When carefully done porcelain crowns can provide a lifetime of beauty and service unmatched by any other dental procedure.

As you can see different cosmetic procedures are chosen based upon your needs and the condition of your teeth. Whatever procedure is chosen you can be assured that the advanced materials and techniques available today combined with the experience, training and attention to detail of our dentists and laboratory staff will provide improvements to your smile that you never thought possible.

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