Implant Dentistry

“New Teeth in an Afternoon”

Huge advances in all areas of dentistry have occurred in recent years.

Few areas have matched the abilities of Implant Dentistry to exceed our patients hopes for achieving a comfortable, long lasting, and great looking smile.  Whats even better, advances in placement techniques allow Implant dental care to be completed far more easily and quickly than ever before. It is not uncommon in our office for a patient to have one or a small section implants placed  with permanent teeth attached, in less than an hour, or a whole set of teeth replaced in a single afternoon.

Even more remarkable, our patients report little or no need for pain medication afterward. The vast majority of our prescriptions for pain medications go unfilled.

We are among the most experienced implant  based practices in the nation having practiced implant dentistry for over 33 years.

Every day Implant Dentistry gives our patients a “ New lease on life” a “Third set of teeth” and more easily and quickly than ever before.

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