“Beauty is power, a smile is its sword”

Most adults with crooked or poorly spaced teeth could benefit dramatically from orthodontic dental care. Not only can it provide eye-catching improvement in the appearance of our teeth but straight teeth also feel better and last longer because they are easier to keep clean.

Dentists have long recognized the great long-term advantages to having straight easy to clean teeth. Teenagers by the millions take advantage of the life-changing improvements in appearance and dental health that can be achieved with orthodontic care but few adults take advantage of this important tool in maintaining healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Partly due to the misconception that "braces" are just for our children and grandchildren. In reality adults benefit just as much. And, in many cases orthodontic care is the critical component in saving our teeth for a lifetime.

Mostly, however, our adult patients fail to seriously consider "braces" because they can be uncomfortable, unsightly and can take years to accomplish results.

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Recently dentistry has effectively addressed these issues with "Invisalign" orthodontic care. The "braces" (now called aligners) are nearly invisible, unusually comfortable (they can be removed for eating and brushing), and take less time than conventional treatment methods.

Here's how it works: Digital photos and models of the teeth are computer analyzed to determine the most effective way that each tooth can be brought into alignment.

Next a series of lightweight, flexible, clear plastic aligners (they look and feel much like bleaching trays that so many of us have used) are fabricated. When placed over the teeth the aligners put gentle pressure on each tooth which slowly moves it into proper alignment. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks then discarded and a new one continues the gentle tooth movement until all teeth are in the best possible alignment.

The result: an important aspect of dental health care is now easier, faster and better at providing esthetically pleasing, healthier, and longer lasting teeth and gums.

Dr. Singh, in our office, is a premier provider of Invisalign care. She will be pleased to help you learn more about how this treatment method might help you.

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