Laser Assisted Periodontal Care

Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases known to man.

Laser Periodontal Therapy
Recently a new tool has become available in dentistry which makes our efforts to control gum disease easier faster and better than ever before.
Most people think of medical lasers as star wars like swords that can make very precise cuts in delicate surgical procedures.  While lasers can work in this way it is not their primary function, lasers are simply beams of light that can be modulated to do many seemingly magical things.

Principally they have 4 functions

In dentistry we take advantage of all of these functions in treating gum infections.  With laser periodontal therapy (LPT); the laser light can be used to kill bacteria without harming surrounding gum bone or tooth structures.  Laser beams delivered into a deep gum pocket can painlessly remove infected tissue making room for growth of healthy new tissue afterward.  Laser therapy can create a biologic glue that holds (welds) gum tissue, which has pulled away from their teeth over the years allowing new attachment fibers to grow.  Exposure to laser light can even stimulate gum and bone cells to regenerate in areas where they once were lost.

Our office practices LPT using the Lanap protocol, which is the only FDA approved laser therapy for regeneration of receded gum and bone tissue.

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