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Our practice is fortunate in that we count among our patient family over 100 patients who are themselves practicing or retired dentists, physicians or PhD level scientists in the medical field.

I have been engaged in the specialty practice of Endodontics for over 50 years both in private practice and more recently at the Veteran’s Administration. Another passion is serving in organized dentistry having held the position of President of ...

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Dr. Harmon R. Katz

After moving to South Florida and discovering the quality of care, the level of compassion and the kindness of the people in the office of Dr. Roberts and Singh, I can say that when I drive 30 minutes for my ...

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Dr. Paul A. Goldstein

As a practicing Endodontist of over 31 years in the Atlantic City metropolitan area I’ve had the opportunity to work with over 300 dentists in my career. I know what a good general dental practitioner is and that Dr ...

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Bruce E. Smith, D.D.S., M.Sc. D

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”
- Henry Ford

So you say” I have a great dentist”…well how do you know? The best answer is to ask a dentist who he/she goes to. I am an orthodontist who founded a award wining practice in Baltimore Maryland. I ...

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Dr. Harvey Solomon

I am a retired dentist who practiced in New Jersey for over 30 years and am now spending the winter months in South Florida. As a senior citizen, I was in need of a considerable amount of restorative dental treatment ...

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Gary Fass DDS

I offer the following endorsement of Dr. Tom Roberts and Dr. Daman Singh, based on my 34 years of experience practicing Dentistry in New York State. I owned a very large practice employing up to 7 dentists at one point ...

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Stephen D. Telchin D.D.S.

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Roberts since 2002. As a retired dentist and a careful practitioner for over 30 years I can certainly testify that the extensive dental work done both of us was of the ...

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Dr. Stephen Bobroy D.D. S.

As a retired dentist I am well aware of what goes into planning a dentals office and offering patients the best treatment in the most comfortable setting. Dr. Tom Roberts and Dr. Damanjeet Singh provide expert technical care in a ...

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Earle R. Halsband DMD

Dr. Roberts was highly recommended to me and I can honestly say that he exceeded all my expectations.

Dr. Roberts, Dr. Singh and all their staff provide the highest quality of patient care. Dr. Roberts is committed to excellence in ...

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Dr. Steven E. Marcus

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